Earl Shaun Caldwell

Earl Shaun Caldwell

Broker, Realtor & Owner

License #: NV RED# B.0143955.llc

Prime Properties Mesquite

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Earl Shaun Caldwell

Earl Shaun Caldwell

Broker, Realtor & Owner

License #: NV RED# B.0143955.llc

Prime Properties Mesquite

(702) 701-3326
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SELLERS: Home Preparation Checklist


To get the best return on your home, you need to make your home look its best. Here’s the checklist that will help you do it.

Inside Your Home

Floor Coverings (carpeting, tile, linoleum, hardwood, etc.)

  • Dirt or stains?
  • Excessive wear or damage?
  • Area rugs clean and stain-free?

Walls and Ceilings

  • Dirt, fingerprints or other stains?
  • Nail cracks or tape residue?
  • Cracks, chips, water damage?
  • Need for repainting or new wallpaper?
  • Neutral, light colours for roomy environment?


  • Dirt, fingerprints or other stains?
  • Need new paint?
  • Open/close easily without squeaks?
  • Latches/handles secure and working properly?


  • Glass sparkling clean; chip, paint and crack free?
  • Open/close easily?
  • Latches/handles/locks secure, working properly?
  • Dirt and fingerprints on frames or sills?
  • Screens clean and without holes?
  • Storm windows in good condition?

Window Coverings (curtains, drapes, blinds, etc.)

  • Dirt or stains?
  • Excessive wear or sun damage?
  • Open/close easily; hardware working properly?

Lighting (lighting makes a room feel more inviting)

  • All bulbs working and proper wattage?
  • Broken switches, exposed wiring?
  • Table and floor lamps working properly?

Pet Areas

  • Clean, organized, odour-free?

Entryways and Hallways

  • Clean and free of clutter or obstructions?
  • Welcome mat(s) clean and inviting?

Closets and Storage Areas

  • Clean and well organized?
  • Clutter and excess junk removed?
  • Clothes hung neatly and not jammed together?
  • Shoes and boots neatly stored/stacked?


  • Every surface sparkling clean?
  • Counter-tops organized, all but daily use appliances?
  • Refrigerator spotless inside and out?
  • Organized? Spoiled food discarded?
  • Frost removed? Light bulbs working? (Buyers look!)
  • Oven/stove-top clean? Burner trays cleaned?
  • Sinks clean; faucets working properly and leak-free?
  • Garbage disposal in good working condition?
  • Cupboards/pantry spotless, organized?
  • Dishwasher clean and stain-free?

Living Room/Dining Room/Bedrooms/Den/Study

  • Everything thoroughly vacuumed/dusted?
  • Excess furniture removed for roomier atmosphere?
  • Remaining furniture clean and in good repair?
  • Wood and other surfaces clean and polished?
  • Bookshelves neat, organized and clutter-free?
  • Children’s games/toys stored neatly?
  • Fragile items removed and stored?
  • Smaller valuables removed/locked away?
  • Window coverings open for views and sunlight?
  • Mirrors clean and in good repair?
  • Ashtrays cleaned and kept out of sight?
  • Fireplace clean, logs/kindling stacked neatly?

Bathrooms/Powder Room

  • Every surface sparkling clean?
  • Counter-tops organized, free of clutter? Fresh soap?
  • Sinks spotlessly clean; faucets working properly?
  • Tub and shower surfaces clean?
  • Towels stain-free and hanging neatly?
  • Shower curtain clean and in good repair?
  • Toilet extra-clean and working properly?
  • Closets organized and clutter-free?
  • Medicine cabinet clean, “personal items” removed?

Basement/Furnace Room/Garage/Attic/Storeroom

  • Clean and well organized?
  • Clutter and excess “junk” removed?
  • Remaining items stored/stacked neatly?
  • Everything thoroughly vacuumed/dusted?

Outside Your Home


  • Exterior surfaces clean, in good condition?
  • Front door exterior clean, inviting?
  • Eaves troughs and downspouts clean, in good repair?
  • Gates open/close properly; hardware working?
  • Fences/decks in good repair, in good condition?
  • Sidewalks and walkways in good repair?
  • Driveway clean, in good repair?

Yard and Environment

  • Driveways, sidewalks clear of snow, ice?
  • Lawns mowed/edged regularly; large bare spots repaired?
  • Leaves removed from lawns and flower beds?
  • Trees pruned, hedges trimmed?
  • Flower beds weeded and tidy; dead plants replaced?
  • “Junk” and scrap removed?
  • Lawn furniture clean, organized, good repair?
  • Bicycles, children’s toys stored neatly, out of way?
  • Firewood organized and neatly stacked?
  • Yard free of “doggy deposits”?

Have Questions?

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Specializing in resort home sales, property management, and financing for over 31 years.

I was raised around real estate sales. My father has been a Realtor in Oregon, California, and Nevada (Currently, California only) from my earliest memories. I’ve seen the highs and lows since the early 70’s. During high school, as part of my work experience, I processed mortgage loans for my Father’s company Allied Mortgage, and helped host at occasional open houses. When I graduated high school in 1987, my goals were anything other than the family business, but it didn’t take long for me to realize my true nature. I got a regular job for a year or so and found it unrewarding. I helped dad at an open house on a beach front listing and was instrumental in its sale, and earned more than I would have made in a whole year at my “job”, and enjoyed it… so… the rest is history. We had a real estate office in Carlsbad and Oceanside (North San Diego County, CA, coastal), Shoreline Real Estate, specializing in ocean front homes more on than off until approximately 1997. In 1998 we moved to Borrego Springs, CA (A desert resort community in NE San Diego County, CA) where I initially put my salesperson license with the onsite brokerage for the Rams Hill Country Club, specializing in home and home site sales there. In 2002/2003, I put my salesperson license with my father and we formed Rams Hill Homes, Rams Hill Vacation Rentals, Borrego Vacation Rentals, and Borrego Homes, Land & Investment Properties, which is still active in Borrego Springs, CA. I am still an active California Real Estate Salesperson BRE# 01018667 full time since 1989, affiliated with Borrego Homes, Land & Investment Properties.

In July, 2011, it was time for a change, and I had become spoiled with small town life and desert southwest climate. So, combining those with moving to an area close to my in-laws, my wife, Linda and I and my step daughter Amy, and my Grandson Kurtis moved to Mesquite, Nevada. Life in Mesquite is wonderful! The town is still small, but with a vibrant economy, fantastic climate, and beautiful homes to sell. Mesquite is a small town with all the basics in place, two nice markets, super walmart, 7 golf courses, a hospital, tons of recreational activities and inspirational desert setting and exploration. Mesquite even has a river runnin’ through it! For entertainment, there are movie theaters, and three nice casinos with live entertainment almost any night of the week. If you want more excitement, we are 87 miles North of Las Vegas. For inspirational natural beauty, we are approx the same distance from Grand Canyon and an hour and a half from Zion National Park. Skiing, and alpine, summer fun fishing and exploring, we are two hours from Brian Head, at 10,000 ft base elevation.
When we first got to Mesquite, in 2011, I had to start with a regular job, just to get settled, but it didn’t take too long for me to get my Nevada Real Estate license. Due to experience and education, I skipped salesperson and went straight to Broker-Salesperson in Nevada. I have found great success and reward here, helping my clients and friends realize their dream resort lifestyle as second homes and primary homes, both.

I have been a Broker Salesperson in Nevada since November 2012, first affiliated with ERA Brokers Consolidated in Mesquite, Nevada until 5/6/19. During that time, I was consistently in the top 10% producing, of all ERA individual agents in USA. On May 7, 2019, I opened my own office, Prime Properties Mesquite.

We strive to deliver the best industry wide value. We are a small office dedicated to providing an exceptional level of service at normal levels of consideration. Prime Properties Mesquite consists of Shaun Caldwell, Realtor, Broker-Owner; Linda Caldwell, Owner-Office Administration; Rich Gutierrez, Realtor, Salesperson; and Michele Jesky, office Administrator-Transaction Coordinator. We are members of both the Mesquite Real Estate Association MLS which has approximately 157 members, as well as Las Vegas Realtors MLS, which covers all areas of Southern Nevada, and which exposes our listings to over 18,000 cooperating Realtors. All of our listings will feature the maximum allowed photos, public verbiage used to sell your home, slide show virtual tours as well as 3-d Matterport virtual open houses, full service open houses conducted by pro’s, high quality flyers, individual property websites, text code ryders at each listing offering the full individual property websites, social media and targeted geographic digital marketing, lead capture and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

For too long, Real Estate agents have been not even fully utilizing the most basic of our industry tools like our MLS systems pictures and public remarks, being LAAZZYYY. This has given our industry a black eye, and indeed most agents are not worthy of “standard” fees. Instead, our office is known for going above and beyond even the allowed maximums within those basic tools and more. We combine back to basics tools and work ethic with the most modern technologically driven marketing in our industry, ON EVERY LISTING, EVERY TIME! Doesn’t matter if your home is a studio condo, manufactured home, lot, or a mega mansion! Call us today and let us show you the best value proposition in Real Estate!

License #: NV RED# B.0143955.llc